Heartbreaking how his owners fulfilled the last wish of a sick dog

A touching story has taken over social media in recent days, which is no wonder, as it illustrates the special bond between man and dog. Probably everyone who has a pet has wondered what it would be like to be without their pet, what they would do if the worst became inevitable.

A couple living in Salt Lake City, Utah, had to face the fact that their dog, Maggie, was terminally ill with cancer. With a heavy heart, they made the decision not to prolong their faithful pet’s suffering and put her to sleep on Monday – but not before granting her final wish.

Maggie loved the winter, and her favourite game since she was a puppy was to roll in the snow. So her owners put out a call on social media for help to

one last time to surprise their dog with a pile of snow.

The couple hoped to collect between 40 and 75 kg, for which they were willing to pay. The call eventually got through to the local amusement park, and the staff there immediately offered to help (for free, of course) to make Maggie’s last day even better.

According to photos posted on Salt Lake Country Parks and Recreation’s Facebook page, a huge pile of snow was donated for the touching cause, and a sign with the words “Maggie’s Day” was pinned to it. “Today, our staff cleared the ice, packed it into containers and buckets, and the owner took the snow home to Maggie’s backyard where she enjoyed it with her family,” they wrote. “We send our love and condolences to Maggie’s family. We appreciate the unparalleled privilege of providing her with a little piece of heaven on earth.”

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