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If you love striking colours, you won’t be able to get enough of this season’s most glamorous nail trend: the turquoise manicure is already a worldwide sensation and is being pushed by the most professional nail designers with incredibly extravagant techniques
A striking colour that extravagant style lovers will love
Turquoise with its bluish-green hue has been very popular for years, but for a while it was overshadowed by warm tones – but that’s all over now! Turquoise is making a comeback in both fashion and the beauty industry: nail salons worldwide, for example, are now overwhelmed with requests for this shade – and in our experience, every professional nail polish shop or high-street nail polish store has sold out of all the turquoise shades, which only goes to show that this autumn, every lady who loves extravagantly coloured nails will want it!

At the bottom of this article, we’ve rounded up some of the more extreme and some of the more sober versions of this manicure trend – but remember that whatever you choose to do with your nails, this colour will still attract attention, so if it’s your workplace or school, we might suggest trying it for more special occasions.
It’s sure to draw the eye! The pictures show a version that is a bit more glitzy and shiny than the average style – this version is extra striking, but if you’re into that, you should definitely try it, because almost every lady who likes fancy manicure trends is wearing this colour this autumn! If this glittery version isn’t your style, try a less flashy matte version – or one where the turquoise only pops for a moment. The choice is yours!

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