Minimum wage to be raised in Romania

At its meeting on Monday, the Romanian government adopted a decision to increase the minimum wage by 10 percent net from 1 January. According to a statement from the cabinet in Bucharest, the gross minimum wage will rise by 10.9 percent, from 2,300 lei (167,000 forints) to 2,550 lei (185,155 forints) from 1 January 2022. The net minimum wage will thus increase by 10 percent, by 138 lei (HUF 10 020), to 1524 lei (HUF 110 657).

So far, of the 5.6 million or so workers with employment contracts in Romania, about 1.5 million have officially earned less than or equal to the minimum wage, which represents about a quarter of all workers. The new minimum wage will affect 1.970 million people, the same number who currently officially earn less than the minimum wage that will be increased from January.

Employers have been shocked by the increase, saying they would have preferred a gross increase of 8 per cent to the 11 per cent proposed by the government.

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