No more trampy waterproofs – these are the clothes you’ll be wearing in October

You won’t just wear them in the rain
This autumn’s latest fashion trends include a whole host of super outfits: first we’ve got the cute sweaters and cardigans that we can’t get enough of; we’ve rounded up the hottest leather-effect dresses, then we’ve got some of the season’s hottest blazers; and finally we’ve got a look at some of the chocolate browns – officially the hottest outfits of the autumn, so make sure you get yourself some of these!

But thanks to the cool, rainy weather, none of them were really to be enjoyed, as it’s time to add some rain and wind-proof pieces to your autumn wardrobe – relax, you don’t need to dress up to be truly waterproof. We know that at this time of year, everyone immediately associates waterproofing with the old-fashioned, over-measured, totally unladylike, trampy and only available in sports shops – but luckily that’s no longer the case.
With the onset of autumn, even the hippest fast fashion stores are well stocked with water-repellent jackets, vests and wellies (!) that are frankly more fashionable than we expected. You could say that we’ve never looked forward to bad weather in autumn as much as we do now, because we finally have the chance to wear these crazy trendy and snes waterproofs!

In the shops, we’ve seen Barbie-shoe-like bubblegum pink gumboots, sunshine yellow quilted jackets (which can also be converted into a vest), beige parka jackets and more, all of which will have you looking stylish in the worst, wettest weather in one fell swoop.

Now we’ve brought you this autumn’s trendiest waterproofs that won’t make you look fussy and will make everyone want to look like you in the worst of the rain – which is a huge compliment and a rare thing when it comes to warm, waterproofs!

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