Staying in the family: headaches

Childhood headaches are an increasingly common symptom. With so much of our “stairway knowledge” now that headaches can be the number one predictor of brain tumours, parents are desperately scrambling to get to the specialist clinic.

We started comparative studies with groups of children with headaches. We examined attention span, divided attention, verbal and non-verbal memory. Regardless of gender and age group, it was found that the children studied consistently exhibited certain attention blocks, minor lapses of attention and lapses. However, their overall academic performance is not poor, and they tend to be in the better group. It is a strange paradox that among the children who have been failing in several subjects for years, or even had to change schools several times, there were hardly any or no headache sufferers.

The studies also revealed that children with headaches have a strong need (deep in their souls) to conform, to meet the expressed or hidden expectations of their immediate environment. And where parents or ancestors of outstanding achievement and status adorn the family portrait, and this fact is often mentioned, it can weigh heavily on the child’s psyche. While experiencing day after day the confusion and uncertainty of his attentional skills. This is when the compliance panic reaction kicks in: “I’m still going to do it! And very well!” They overcompensate, overachieve – unnecessarily. They spend a lot of time on the curriculum, and the actual result is rarely commensurate with the effort expended.

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