The dress everyone wants this autumn – don’t miss out on this trend

Everyone’s loving this autumn’s trendiest dresses that are ultra-feminine, comfortable and fit all shapes and sizes – here are the hottest pieces!
Simple, but great in button-up shirt-like dresses
This autumn season is full of better and better trends: chocolate-coloured pieces are loved by everyone, as well as leather-effect dresses and knitted bodycon styles – but now we’re bringing you a trendy outfit that you’ve probably seen on the hangers of fast fashion stores: these button-up bodycon dresses with shirt-like collars that the stars love!
The whole dress is like an elongated shirt, with a slightly form-fitting cut that even slims the bust. The fabric is a little wrinkled at the buttons, the sleeves are mostly long (although a short t-shirt version is available if you prefer) and it’s available in every colour of the rainbow in stores at home now. A great piece! We simply can’t think of a reason why this isn’t the biggest trend for Autumn 2021, it’s that good! If you listen to us, you’ll definitely invest in a piece that reflects your personality, whether it’s a patterned, dark or light shade.

This shirt-like, button-down style is guaranteed to make you feel good: it’s a buggy fit in the front to hide all the pounds you don’t want to, but it gently hugs your waist, bum and bottom – all the bits of your body that men love – so you’ll look incredible! No wonder men go crazy for this “smar casual” style…

Pair it with black or leather tights (or even leather leggings in cold weather), thigh-high boots, sneakers, ankle boots or the sock-like rubber boots that are so fashionable these days – making it the perfect outfit to wear even in wet weather.
Autumn nails
I’m sure many of you have ever found yourself heading to the nail salon (or pulling out your manicure kit at home), unsure of what you’d like to see on your hands. Either because of confusion – you had 30 Pinterest photos on your phone – or because you really had no idea.

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