The most classic coat of autumn – a must-have for every woman

It’s never gone out of fashion because everyone loves it
Worn by Audrey Hepburn in the film A Dream in Luxury, this ultra-stylish and classy coat has become so cool that everyone from novice trend followers to fashion-forward stars have stocked up on one – or more, if you’re lucky. We recommend you do the same, because a stylish woman’s wardrobe is missing the perfect and classic coat for autumn: the beige trench coat!

Elegant, chic and goes with everything – perhaps that’s how we could describe the most basic and classic piece for the cold weather and autumn in general, the beige trench coat, a cult icon in the fashion world – it would be a mistake not to have at least one of these in your wardrobe! Available in hooded, double-breasted, belted, beltless, cropped and waterproof versions, this style can suit all needs and styles, as it’s extremely versatile for autumn (and early spring).

On the one hand, it can be perfectly combined with jeans, slacks, leather leggings, but you can also wear it over elegant dresses and knitted bodycon dresses instead of a sweater or cardigan – it’ll make you look very chic! In terms of shoes, try to choose a pair that matches your outfit: sneakers, ankle boots, half-boots, but also the very fashionable narrow-toe rubber boots that are in these days are great – the main thing is to feel comfortable in them and not to be fussy with your clothes.
Now we’ve rounded up the season’s hottest, chicest beige balloon jackets from the local selection, guaranteed to find the perfect piece for everyone. You’ll see, it’s a real everlasting piece, so it’s worth choosing a quality piece that will be your faithful companion for years in the cold weather!

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