Worsening epidemiological data: how do companies expect the fourth wave?

With a clear increase in coronavirus statistics in Hungary in recent weeks, it’s time to ask the question: what will happen when the fourth wave does arrive? We contacted a number of SMEs to find out how they are preparing for when it strikes again.
An abridged version of this article appeared in the September print edition of our partner magazine, Piac&Profit.

Eszter Molnár, CEO of NekedTerem, a webshop that sells Hungarian producers’ products online, told us that one of their recent innovations is the launch of immediate delivery, which means they can now deliver Hungarian producers’ food to customers nationwide within 1-2 days.

When it comes to outbreaks, NekedTerem, in addition to ensuring contact-free delivery, also disinfects continuously and provides its colleagues with masks, disinfectants and gloves.

As to how the possible fourth wave will affect the company’s operations, the manager was not yet able to give a clear answer, as he said that it will depend mainly on what measures the government sees fit to introduce. However, NekedTerem is still full of plans and has recently started to redesign the website with the help of UX and UI specialists.

Eszter Molnár also stressed the importance of continuing to minimise and replace packaging materials with easily degradable alternatives, while highlighting that the webshop already delivers in recycled crates and, in addition to egg cartons, also recycles more packaging material on delivery.

NekedTerem is not only expanding in the online space, as the company recently opened a shop on Bécsi út, where only domestic products are sold. Finally, the managing director also revealed that they plan to launch more franchised stores with a similar concept to the current one – i.e. the units will include a produce shop, a takeover point and a café.

Whatever it is, they will deliver
Deborah Blaumann, NetPincér’s marketing director, told us that over the past year and a half, they have been aiming to take swift action in each wave to ease the operations of struggling restaurants and shops, speed up the signing of new delivery partners and strengthen customer loyalty.

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